What We do

Work estimates for Construction companies and general contractors.

Complete detailed accurate Estimates.

Our team of experts are constantly being updated with latest construction costs and standards. We provide detailed work quotations based on the bill of quantities and latest rates.

You decide on what side you want to be.

We provide cost variation incase you would like to be on the lower or higher side of the profits.

Jobs costing for private clients.

Individually Priced.

Each project is unique in its way, and the costs will differ from project to project. If you are only looking for budget costing to check what would be the costs of building an extension, be it a single storey extension, a double storey extension or an entirely new build we can use market rates to create a budget value price for your project.

Looking for a builder or construction company?

Having worked with many successfully competed projects we are proud to recommend trusted partners we have worked with. 

Do you think someone charging you too much for the work?

We can help private clients with determining the cost of any builders work to check if the company can be trusted and not charging you to much for their work.

Cost Advisory

We advise on cost of the labour and materials.

Our state of the art system is being accelerated directly from suppliers list of materials and lates labour rates from independent market research.

Suppliers relationships.

We have long established contacts with top suppliers in the country in construction industry. We know what’s coming next in latest standards ahead of competition. These allow us to do the most accurate up to date estimates.

Free Estimation

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Send us all of project documentation by email or file transfer and let us prepare winning estimate for tendering process.